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Acoustic Design for Ministry of Judiciary Court halls for Khimji FD

We participated during the tender stage as a technical solutions provider for M/s. Khimji FD (KFD) in this project.

During the initial stages, we measured the reverberation times for court halls in Muscat, Sohar and Buraimi. Based on the sizes of the rooms, we recommended reverberation times for the halls to get good speech intelligibility. Based on the recommended RT and existing RT, we estimated the required area for the given treatment. The type of  treatment and allowed areas were already specified by the client.

Given the size of the halls, it was important to us to ensure that we don’t drop the reverberation times too much. Since an extremely low RT comparable to the size of the room would be unnatural and uncomfortable for the occupants.

We predicted the RT’s within the halls and provided the required areas of installation for the wall panels and carpet. KFD decided to trust our values and quoted based on the same, which was accepted by the client.

Post-completion, we carried out acoustic testing for each hall. We found the RT fell within 5% of our predicted values. As a result, the speech intelligibility has improved drastically within the halls. The clients were very satisfied with the end results.

The end results were machined wooden panels over a fabric which blends the acoustic treatment into the beautiful interiors of the hall. The entire scope of the project included 8 halls in Muscat, 6 halls in Sohar and 4 halls in Buraimi.

This was a challenging and high value project for us. We thank KFD for trusting us with our design and for implementing the same with utmost care and quality.