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Room Acoustic Design

Your acoustic treatment changes for every room and purpose. We can design the acoustics for your space best suited for your requirements. Moreover, the custom designed panels for your space can be manufactured locally in Oman itself, which ensures that we control the quality of our installations.
For your home cinema or machine room, bringing down that reverberation time can reduce the energy “lingering” around the room by absorbing the reflections, this also improves the surround effect of your system drastically. Whereas for your piano or violin room it is more pleasing to have that long controlled reverberation without many spikes in your frequency response. However you need your space to “sound”, we have the perfect solution for you, be it a retrofit for your existing space or a new construction.


Soundproofing and isolation is almost entirely independent from your acoustic treatment. While your acoustic treatment can help shape the sound inside your space, it is rarely effective enough to reduce the sound from escaping your space and annoying your neighbors or guests. We can design and install the soundproofing for your home cinema, multipurpose hall, office or plant room (or any space for that matter) so that the annoyance due to sound is minimal. Not only can your reduce the sound from going out, you can also keep external noises from leaking in. Which means that better clarity can be achieved from your home theater system and there are lesser intrusions in your recording session. Be it to avoid annoyance or improve privacy, soundproofing makes a huge difference to your space by making it quieter and less stressful for your ear.

Electro-acoustic System Design & Installation

We can design and install the electro-acoustic system for your space. These systems need to be decided based on the requirement, the size of the rooms and the acoustics of the space. These can range from the monitoring speakers in your studio, surround sound system for your home-theater, cinema theatre or listening room, background music systems in gyms or swimming pool to a live sound system for you multipurpose hall, lecture hall, or clubs. The solutions vary depending on your requirement and we can design, install and tune a system for you which is best suited for your space.

Acoustic Consultancy Services

We can evaluate your existing design or propose designs and solutions for you to meet a specification provided or to meet regulations. The author is an Associate Member with the Institute of Acoustics (AMIOA), the UK’s professional body for those working in Acoustics, Noise and Vibration. We can provide you the design and also supervise/inspect periodically to ensure that the construction or implementation is going as per design. Along with this, we can even simulate the design for the space and get an audio output (the impulse response) to know what it would sound like (commonly known as Auralization). This will be done using the NESS system (a wave-based simulation system designed by the Acoustics and Music Technology Department at the University of Edinburgh).

Acoustic Measurements and Analysis

We can carry out acoustic measurement for your space using instruments of the highest quality. The sound level meter (SLM) used for measurements is a Class-1 instrument. Reverberation times (RT60 in seconds), sound reduction index (R’) and Noise measurements (SPL, Leq, Ln% etc) are the most common parameters that needs to be measured either for records or for survey. Linear, low-noise instruments (Earthworks M30 microphones, Neumann speakers and RME interfaces) are used when more advanced measurements need to be carried out (Eg. room response, speaker delays etc). The data is analyzed and studied to give detailed reports which in turn help in deciding on a solution.

Supply of Acoustic Products

We can supply acoustic finishes and anti-vibration solutions for large projects. We have products from our partner acoustic solutions companies around the world, including Vibro, Decibel Acoustics, Fabrix (AntiCad), and other brands! We keep ourselves updated with new materials and finishes suitable for acoustic treatment & noise control. Contact us to know more!


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