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It is in our best interest that the products we propose to our clients are the most cost effective and long lasting solution for the project. Every project is different and the solutions might be a combination of products to ensure that we achieve the results that we’re aiming for. We have partnered with a few brands around the world, which provide products that align perfectly well with the sort of solutions we do.

We work directly with these brands and their direct distributors and we receive all their support for the solutions we propose! We study the issue faced by a certain client and design the necessary solutions incorporating the products we carry. In certain cases, the manufacturer assists us in designing the solutions as well.

All our solutions come with pre-installation and post completion testing with Class-1 instruments and scientific testing methods. Our usual process can be seen below.

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We offer a range of solutions for,

Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic treatment basically constitutes solutions to controlling the sound inside your space. This includes issues related to speech intelligibility or clarity, high reverberation times (commonly described as echo) etc. Your acoustics inside your space is controlled by the finishes of your room. We have a range of options specifically for this.

This is a perfect material for application on the ceiling. Can cover large areas while giving a seamless finish! They can be applied over your false ceiling or directly to soffit. They can be applied over MEP pipes and HVAC ducts as well. A perfect solution for a blacked out soffit which is also highly absorptive.  Can be spray applied in thicknesses from 10-30mm.

Acoustic plasters are made primarily from recycled natural cellulose fibers & help in closing gaps and preventing leakage of energy to the outside and other parts of the building, giving a possible 5-10% energy saving thus reducing the load on the HVAC system. They are light, fire resistant, require lesser space, comes in various colors and more effective in reducing background noise, both internal and intermittent external noise.

For more details, please visit their home page here. To see an example where we have applied this material Oman, please check our project here.

PVC grippers are installed over the wall or ceiling, either directly or over a wooden profile to get 3D shapes or curves. These grippers come in various shapes and depths, depending on where they need to be installed (at the edge or for mid seams for eg). Mineral wool insulation or polyester padding is installed in the cavity and fabric is stretched and installed into the grippers. There are many advantages to installing over grippers

  • Reuseability - the fabric can be pulled out and new fabric can be installed with a different color scheme after any given time.
  • Different shapes and colors - get a permanent installation with shapes and curves (even 3D shapes!), without having to rely on individual panels. Different colors can be used in each section with neat seams!
  • Continuous or almost seamless finish - the mid load grippers can be placed according to the maximum width of the fabric to get a neat continuous fabric finish. Therefore, you do not have to rely on separate panels which might have slightly different heights or spacing between joints for proper cladding. The seams can be as good as being stitched together, and would be straight and not wobbly (a common issue faced with installing fabrics which are stitched to get a bigger piece).

Konto acoustic boards are made mainly from surface peat fiber! These boards come in 20 to 50mm thicknesses, and be cut to different shapes. Can be installed over the wall or ceiling. They have excellent absorption properties and can be compounded with mineral wool in cavity for higher absorption. This eco-friendly product is fire rated Class B, can withstand moisture really well, and is mold resistant! The boards can be painted to desired colors and has a beautiful premium natural finish.

These panels made from birchwood or other wood fibers compressed with adhesive (eg. cement) to form dense slabs. They come in different thicknesses (12-24mm) and can act as your final finish. These can also be used as an intermediate layer in your absorption panels to extend their bandwidth. Can even be cut to 60x60cm tiles and used as ceiling tiles which are absorptive! We can also install mineral wool at the back with different depths to get absorption in desired octave bands. This hard, fire rated finish has broad range of applications both as a raw finish or as an intermediate layer. These panels can also be finished and painted at site to clients desired colors and sizes.

A commonly used acoustic material. We have both PU foams available with different thicknesses and profiles. Suitable for use as both absorption for walls, ceiling or even in cushions. Also suitable for use in HVAC ducts to reduce airflow and machine noise without having to worry about mineral/glasswool particles.

These are panels that we custom make to rectify a specific issue in a given room. We identify suitable sizes and depths for panels from our testing and design panels specific and tailored for that room. You can see examples of these installations here and here! The panel designs and shapes vary according to function. They could be diffusers, hybrids (absorption & diffusion) or custom absorption panels. For example impact resistant broadband fabric panels as can be seen here! We design the panels in house and manufacture it locally in Muscat, Oman!


Vibration Isolation and Soundproofing

We have partnered with Alpha Acoustiki from Greece for their vibration isolation products Vibro. We have their complete range of products for vibration isolation and soundproofing!

Available for both floor and ceiling applications. These isolators are best suited for rotating mechanical equipment and other specialized requirements where very low frequency isolation is necessary. These springs are used where "deflections" over 15mm is required. As the static deflection of the supports increase, natural frequency of the overall system decrease and increase the vibration isolator. We have springs which can be used directly for floor mounted machines, hanging machines (AHU's for example). We even have a "Jack-up spring isolator" which can be used for floating concrete floors with 25mm deflection under load! Different load ranges and higher deflections available!

Most commonly used for floor applications, we carry rubber pads and rubber isolators for different load ranges. By adding multiple pads, it is possible to have higher deflections. Suitable for use below machines or for floating floors. These pads work at higher deflections so they are better suited for isolating higher frequencies, above ~15Hz.

Highly effective isolators for "box-in-box" applications. These isolation clips can be used to structurally isolate the inner and outer "box" to get very high soundproofing performance while providing the necessary structural stability. They are necessary to effectively isolate low frequency noise which pass through rigid structures, especially in music studios and cinema rooms.

Here is an example of the application of these clips, as explained here,

Mass loaded vinyl barriers are a viscoelastic soundproofing membrane which is very effective where a very thin membrane is needed to improve soundproofing. They are very effective when used in between gypsum boards to increase mass and reduce the "dip" due to resonance. Available from 1.8, 2.5 and 5mm thicknesses. Can also be used to damp vibrations on metal sheets and even doors!

Noise barriers come with two layers of foam sheet with a Lead sheet in between, which can be applied directly to pipes (drainage pipes for eg.) and machinery to reduce airborne noise.

We also have underlays made from Recycled rubber (ReRub), a mix of rubber & cork (ReCork), and XLPE (FF) which can be used below the screed, laminate floors or carpet to reduce impact noise (eg. footfall) and improve airborne sound insulation or soundproofing by decoupling the floor and reducing flanking noise.

Polyester fiber slabs and rolls are an effective alternative to using mineral wool for sound and thermal insulation. Polyester fiber rolls are very good to use in absorber panels as they are not a skin irritant.


Industrial Noise Reduction Solutions

We have partnered with Decibel International for industrial noise reduction solutions. We get direct manufacturer design and support to meet the end requirement of the client!

Metal perforated panels are perfect for external, industrial and plant room applications. Metal panels are suggested wherever good weather and moisture resistance is necessary. Wooden panels and other finishes that are suitable for indoor applications won't be suitable for use in plant rooms or outside. These panels can be customized to have perforated metal sheet on one side, and without perforation on the other side. This combined with the mineral wool insulation infill, would provide the perfect solution to give a combination of noise absorption as well as soundproofing. Can be compounded with a second layer on non perforated panel to get higher soundproofing performance.

Solutions where these panels are used come with manufacturer assistance in design and with prefabricated structures if necessary. Perfect for all industrial noise reduction applications. Here is a visualization of a sample installation,

Metal mesh panels are suitable for using in indoor (plant room) applicaitons. The mesh can be painted to desired RAL colors to match interior design. Eg. Factories, printing rooms, fabric workshops etc. Can be supplied with metal sheet at the back where good sound insulation is also required.

Decibel Soundproofing enclosures are an effective method in controlling noisy machines to ensure that the noise levels within the plant don't reach unsafe levels. These enclosures are designed for easy assembly and disassembly and customized according to the requirements of the machines.

We can provide other custom solutions are required in industrial applications where there are specific requirements. Such as soundproofing curtains, acoustic louvers, silencers etc. Our solutions come with manufacturer design assist and support!


Soundproofing Doors

We can supply doors for specialized applications where high soundproofing performance is required (i.e. Rw higher than 40dB). We can get these doors prefabricated to ensure proper seal and function.

We can provide soundproofing doors (56 to 65mm thick) with high insulation performance (Rw >43dB) suitable for studios, cinemas and rooms where high privacy is required. We can supply both prefabricated doors with frames and locks or custom manufacture doors with high performance.

Metal doors are necessary where even higher performance is needed (Rw=52dB). For example, machine rooms or studios. These doors come prefabricated with frame and all accessories.

These doors are available with insulation performances from Rw 42 to 47dB! Perfect for studios and conference rooms where visibility is required with high isolation.


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