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It is in our best interest that the products we propose to our clients are the most cost effective and long lasting solution for the project. Every project is different and the solutions might be a combination of products to ensure that we achieve the results that we’re aiming for. Depending on what the client (or the project) needs, we can offer a range of solutions from Custom built absorber and diffuser panels to ready made solutions for reverberation control and sound insulation boards. We can even offer acoustic plasters which are a cost effective alternative to cloth absorbers and can be applied directly to soffit. There are many advantages and disadvantages for each approach and we can help you decide which products would be the most suitable for your project. We can even provide pre and post completion testing (eg reverberation times, noise level, sound reduction index, etc) for a nominal fee. Contact Us for a free quote today. Let us design the perfect acoustical environment for you.